DepartmentCinema, Advertising and Show Business


The Department of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business brings together professors, artists and scholars in the fields of dramaturgy, production, film and TV cinematography, fine arts, graphic design, advertising, animation and photography, among others. Prominent figures of contemporary Bulgarian art are part of the department.


The Department organizes and participates in national and international festivals, exhibitions and events in advertising featuring work of its faculty and students. The Department of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business is the initiator, organizer and participant in scientific meetings, conferences and seminars in its field. Members of the Department are authors of scientific, artistic and specialized literature published by the NBU Publishing House and other national print and electronic media.

Public events organized by of the Department are widely known among professionals and are important part of Bulgaria’s academic and cultural life. Numerous publications reflect the good reception of films, exhibitions and other works produced by the Department.



Faculty members of the Department have received numerous grants for documentary, fiction and animation projects as well as for participation in exhibitions and conferences to media events and programs, participation in national and international juries, awards from national and international competitions and festivals.


Works of students and alumni of the programs offered by the Department have also enjoyed a warm reception at several national and international forums and festivals and have won prestigious awards.


The Department "of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business maintains excellent relationships with a number of professional organizations, Bulgarian and international companies to ascertain practices and internships for their students, seminars with guest speakers from practice, among other activities.


The annual Advertising Academy is organized by NBU and two major professional organizations in the field of advertising, i.e. the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers and the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies. Within the project, under the mentorship of leading specialists and practitioners, students work on real-life projects to create advertising campaigns.


Among the priority projects of the Department is Cinema Club NBU and its activities.


Department Chair

Assist. Prof. Encho Naydenov
Building 1, Room 404
tel: 02/8110 404, 02/8110424
e-mail: enaydenov@nbu.bg


Yulia Nancheva
Building 1, Room 404
Tel.:  02/8110 404, ext. 14041
e-mail: jnancheva@nbu.bg